Here's exactly what we'll cover in the training:


  • Budgeting Introduction & Foundations: The End Of Worry - Welcome! (what to expect, how to succeed, + my story)
  • Day 1: Beginning With The End: Future Pacing (budget definitions, realistic 90-day expectations, starting with "why")
  • Day 2: The Art Of Interruption: The Secret Step (the pre-budgeting/organization step)
  • Day 3: Naming Names: Exactly How To Obliterate Worry (step-by-step budgeting processes)
  • Day 4: The Accuracy Bomb: How To Track Everything (100% accurate expense tracking)
  • Day 5: Money Autopilot: A Life After Interruption (how to make this a lifelong skill)
  • Course Wrap Up: (What To Do Next)



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