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Your Personal Finance “MBA” With 5 Free Guides And 1 Video Course

“Too many people spend money they earned..to buy things they don’t want..to impress people that they don’t like.” – Will Rogers

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.” – Zig Ziglar


If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of getting your finances on track, then this content is 100% for you!

Today, I want to show you a system that, if you follow it to a “T”, will help you to organize and optimize your finances, obliterate your debt and move you ever closer to financial independence.

In today’s video post, I’m going to give you a 30k foot overview of 5 of my 100% free guides and one free video course that have been designed to meet you where you are and help you take your financial life to the next level.

So, welcome to the first step toward getting your “MBA” in personal finance!

Let’s get into it...


Hey friend, it’s Brad Long here with ZeroDebtCoach where we help 5 and 6 figure corporate burnouts escape their nightmare by teaching them how to effectively: 1) organize and optimize their financial lives, 2) eliminate debt and 3) accelerate toward financial independence by starting and growing an online business.


The Reason

78% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck and would have a hard time coming up with $400 for an emergency. Heck, even 33% of NBA players live paycheck to paycheck, so if you’re in some form of this posture, you’re not alone!

That’s why I wanted to put together this series of 100% free resources to help put a dent in that statistic and see how many more people we can usher toward financial freedom.


So here are the 5 free guides and video course in rapid succession and then we’ll unpack each one in more detail and get you “in the books”.


  1. The 8 Steps To Erase Debt
  2. Master Your Money By Cultivating A Growth Mindset
  3. The Forgotten Budgeting Step
  4. Budgeting 101 - How To Build A Budget You Can Actually Stick To
  5. $1k In 30 Days Guide

AND, as part of your MBA program, I also wanted to offer you my free 30 Day Debt Elimination Quick Start video series.


So, that’s where we’re headed today, so let’s dig in.


1. The 8 Steps To Erase Debt Guide 

This is the exact set of strategies and tactics I used to pay off over $174,000 of debt in 2.5 years. That’s $43,000 in consumer debt AND a $131,000 mortgage. 

This is the cornerstone piece of content for my students and for our general audience because it is both a granular roadmap and a general overview that shows you how to go from completely chaotic and disorganized finances to, organized budgeted and on your way to zero debt and beyond. 

Get it here.

Next, let’s talk about your mindset.


2. The Master Your Money By Cultivating A Growth Mindset Guide 

One of THE most important pieces of getting your arms around your money and conquering your debt is what’s living between your ears.

We are all bouncing between a growth and fixed mindset, ESPECIALLY when it comes to managing our money.

This guide will help you identify the difference between a growth and fixed mindset by teaching you to consistently ask 5 questions that will help you stay in a growth mindset AND to absolutely crush any goal you set out to accomplish.

Get it here.

Let’s move on to set you up for 100% budgeting success.


3. The Forgotten Budgeting Step Workbook 

Now, we all know that we need to get on and stay on a budget. In fact, it’s absolutely 100% necessary if we ever want to get control of our money and completely obliterate our debt.

This guide will help you with the all important pre-budgeting step that is missed by almost everyone (including me) when they first sit down to budget.

It will help organize your financial life AND more importantly reduce any sense of overwhelm you might have about budgeting.

Get it here.

Okay, next we’re going to help you set up a budget you can actually sustain.


4. Budgeting 101 - How To Build A Budget You Can Actually Stick To Guide 

If you’ve never been successful at budgeting, join the club. It’s the dreaded “b” word with most of our students at first.

BUT I can promise you that, if you follow the easy steps in this guide AND understand that the process is going to take about 90 days, you WILL succeed at budgeting 100%. 

Get it here.

Now, lets’ bring it all together by focusing on a quick win!


5. $1k In 30 Days Guide

This guide is designed to help you save, find or cut your way to your first $1000 in your first 30 days of your new financial journey.

Getting a quick win or two under your belt can make a huge impact on your overall sense of help and REALLY pours some juice on buttressing your growth mindset.

Follow this guide and you’ll be like most of our student who are able to: 1) find, save and/or cut $1-2k in their first 30 days and 2) find, save and/or invest and additional $5-6k in their first 90 days.

Get it here.

Now, let’s talk about a resource that will bring this all together!


Video Course: 30 Day Debt Elimination Quick Start Series 

This is a free 30 day video course that will walk you through ALL of the elements of each of the guides we just covered.

In this series, I walk through mindset, organization, budgeting, expense tracking, optimization and SO much more ALL in granular, step by step detail.

So, if you’re more of a visual learner, this will be an excellent supplement to all 5 of the free guides I’ve already covered.

Check it out here.

But, that’s not all!


The Bonus: The Basics Of Bitcoin

Now, I wanted to offer a little bonus guide just for sticking around. 

Having been in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space for about a decade now, I believe that this asset class is here to stay and that it MUST become a part of your overall financial acumen if you want to win with money in the emerging economic system.

Because of that, I wanted to offer you my FREE “Basics Of Bitcoin” guide. This guide will give you everything you need to safely and securely buy, transfer and hold Bitcoin and other crypto assets. 

You’ll be a crypto-nerd before you know it!


Call To Action 

OKAY! So, we’re all about taking action around here.

I just want to encourage you, do something today!

Do something right now!

Go download one or all of these guides and commit to doing at least one thing in them immediately.

And let me know in the comments below which ones you’re going to use.

And in case you’re wondering...


How can ZeroDebtCoach help you? 4 ways...


1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notifications bell to make sure you get our new videos every week. 


2. Download one of our free personal finance guides. You’ll learn some of the exact strategies I teach my private coaching students on how to organize and optimize their finances, obliterate debt and move on to financial independence by starting and growing online businesses.


3. If you’re looking for a community of motivated and like-minded people, go ahead and get on the waitlist to join our private financial coaching community. We only open it for new students a couple of times a year, so make sure to get on the waitlist.



4. If you need some help right now because you’ve got a burning issue, you need a problem solved, you want to talk through a complex situation, click on the button below.



All that said, let's keep on building your financial acumen and make this your best year yet!

Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you in the next video post!


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