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Want A FREE Budgeting Session With Me? | Budgeting For Beginners

Do you want a free budgeting session with me? I'll tell you exactly how to in just a second, but first.

Maybe you’ve been trying for a while to get on a budget. Maybe you’re 1) in the process of learning and 2) maybe  you’re having a hard time getting your spouse on board.

If you’re anything like I was, it actually took me several years to finally figure out the right way to execute a proper budget (and yes, there is a right and a wrong way).

What would have been INCREDIBLY helpful for me would have been to sit with someone who understood the process and let them walk through it with my numbers and situation while I sort of looked “over their shoulder”. 

For me, that would have just eliminated a lot of wasted time and would have saved me a TON of “pulling out my hair”, especially when I got overwhelmed to the point of just throwing up my hands in the air and quitting (which, by the way is a VERY natural part of this process) and I would argue that, at some point you’re actually going to need someone or a community of someones to help you push through that. More on that later.

So, if a little expert budgeting guidance is something you’ve been desiring, I have a fix for you AND it’s 100% free!

Today I’m re-introducing my “Budget With Me” YouTube series where every Wednesday @10am EST, I take your numbers and situation (anonymously), plug them into a proper budget, analyze them and give you some of the same coaching pointers and insights I give my private coaching community and my 1:1 coaching students.

To get me to do your budget for our "Budget With Me" YouTube series, submit your info, go to: https://www.zerodebtcoach.com/budgetwithme
  1. Just fill the form on this page and I’ll email you 3 simple steps for me to basically give you what amounts to a free budgeting coaching session.
  2. Once you get the email, just follow the 3 simple steps on that page to submit your numbers.

Okay, now let’s walk through the instructions in the email:


Step 1: Populate the “Everything I Owe” Google doc. 

  • This is where you list as many of your bills, expenses and debts as you can think of.
  • Please make sure to follow the instructions in red at the top of the page to copy the Google Doc and I’ll do that here to show you how to do it.
  • Fill out as many of your bills, expenses and debts down, so you can send them to me.
  • Don't worry about perfection here, just do the best you can and get it to me without analysis (think "finished is better than perfect").

Step 2: Complete the “Budget With Me” intake questions.

  • This is where you'll tell me more specifics about your financial situation, so I can do some "coaching" on during the YouTube Live session.


Step 3: Subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch me write your budget.

  • Your budget will be (anonymously) included as part of our "Budget With Me" YouTube Series that I’ll be doing live every Wednesday at 10am EST (now obviously you can watch the replay if you can’t show up live).

There’s also a really cool special little bonus that I’m giving you for FREE at the bottom of the email, but I’m not going to show that in the video. You’ll have to send me your info to get access to it. But I promise you it will be worth your while.

By the way, just to set some realistic expectations for you, it normally takes about 90-120 days for most people to get on and stay on an accurate and sustainable budget (at a cost of about $2500 for a full four month coaching cadence).

Again, to get me to do your budget for our "Budget With Me" YouTube series, submit your info, go to: https://www.zerodebtcoach.com/budgetwithme



So that’s it, friend! I’m giving you a 100% free way to help you get your budgeting process started or even just a little closer to perfected if you’re a little further along in the process. I mean really, how cool is that?!

But here’s the thing, YOU actually have to put in a little effort to get me 1) your numbers and 2) a little bit of info about your situation, SO THAT I can do your budget. If you’re not willing to put in that effort, there’s sadly not much I can do for you. 

AND, truth moment here, it might speak to the fact that maybe you’re just not willing to do whatever it takes to get control of your money, get on a budget and change your financial trajectory.

The truth is that none of this stuff is easy, contrary to what some personal finance “gurus” would have you believe. It’s not easy, BUT it is doable with some guidance into the proper steps and principles.

This is something that I’m offering as a public service because, as a coach, I’m on a mission to dramatically reduce the statistic that 78% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck and would have a hard time coming up with $400 for an emergency.

So with that, I’m offering a service for FREE that I normally charge a couple of hundred dollars for a one-off coaching session for and I’m happy to do it if it gets you just one micro step toward your overall financial goals.

Also, I mentioned earlier that you’re GOING to run into roadblocks in this process. It’s 100% normal and to be expected.

So I wanted to offer you 4 additional ways (below) to get help when you do get stuck.

To get me to do your budget for our "Budget With Me" YouTube series, submit your info, go to: https://www.zerodebtcoach.com/budgetwithme


Struggling Or Feeling Alone?

Join Our Private FB Group: Zero Debt Tribe

Now, if this decision process is something you struggle with and you constantly feel isolated about, I’ve got some great news for you and it’s free.

Our private Facebook group, ZeroDebtTribe. It’s a group of like minded people that are all somewhere along this P2P/debt-elimination/on their way to FI continuum. So click the image above and apply to join us. :)


How can ZeroDebtCoach help you? 4 ways...


1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notifications bell to make sure you get our new videos every week. 


2. Download one of our free personal finance guides. You’ll learn some of the exact strategies I teach my private coaching students on how to organize and optimize their finances, obliterate debt and move on to financial independence by starting and growing online businesses.


3. If you’re looking for a community of motivated and like-minded people, go ahead and get on the waitlist to join our private financial coaching community. We only open it for new students a couple of times a year, so make sure to get on the waitlist.



4. If you need some help right now because you’ve got a burning issue, you need a problem solved, you want to talk through a complex situation, click on the button below.



All that said, let's keep on building your financial acumen and make this your best year yet!

Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you in the next video post!


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