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How To Escape Debt With The Powerful Art Of Pressing Pause

Getting out of debt requires learning the art of pressing pause (a.k.a. #adulting and learning how to say, "I can't afford it").

The ability to pause, particularly when considering major purchases, is greatly subdued in our current culture of instant information, instant access and instant gratification.

And these three tendencies toward "instant" play right into the relentless marketing messages thrust at us by the marketing industrial complex.

This may sound a little academic, but when you’re eliminating debt, you’re literally in the process of retraining your brain how to deal with money.

It’s an entirely new mindset and skill set. And you'll need it if you’re ever going to beat your debt and live a life well outside the reach of this behemoth marketing industrial complex.

And trust me when I say, you want to!

You can kind of think of it like it's learning to press pause for fun and profit


Being "Weird"

When 73% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck, trust me, debt-freedom is weird.


But living this life outside this well-crafted marketing combine and all the accompanying social pressures is going to require what Dave Ramsey calls "weird".

You've got to learn to become weird.

This weirdness includes things like actually possessing a savings account. And if you think about it, it IS weird to actually have a savings account in this culture, isn't it?

It would also include buying used cars with cash, flushing credit cards down the toilette (not literally of course, unless you like your plumber) and never borrowing money again for any reason whatsoever.

Now THAT'S weird!

But, don’t you find it astounding that 78% of the America population lives paycheck to paycheck and that almost 80% of the population carries some kind of debt?

I mean, after all this is in the good o'l USandA, allegedly one of the most prosperous countries on the planet.

So, doing what everyone else (78% and 80%, respectively) is doing is not weird. It's actually normal and we do not want to be normal anymore.