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Happy New Year! - Is This The Year?

Happy New Year! I hope you're enjoying the natural mental "reset" this season seems to gift us with. New year, new goals, new aspirations and I hope that you're ready to tackle it with renewed fervor.
Unfortunately though, for so many of us the elation of the moment is quickly deflated when we remember that our finances are not quite in the shape we'd like them to be. So, my question to you as my student is,  "Is this the year you're going to say, "enough is enough! I've had it with my money problems and I'm ready to do something about it!"?
As your virtual financial coach, I'm hopeful that this is indeed your year and I want to give you all the tools, resources and most importantly inspiration to get on and stay on a sustainable plan.
After coaching so many of our students out of debt for over 10 years now, I've found that the people who are the most desperate and ready to define their strong, passionate, emotional "why" are the ones who get the best results and typically quite fast. Don't take this the wrong way, but I hope you've reached that level of desperation.
And if you have reached that level of desperation with your financial situation, this is going to be a great starting point for your new journey toward elevating your money game.