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Debt Elimination: Getting Started, Staying Started

When it comes to debt elimination, one of the most difficult things for so many people is the act of getting started, Then, the next most difficult part is staying started.

The mere thought of sitting down and facing that pile of debt can be both daunting and completely overwhelming. 

But, the reason we encourage people to just get going, is that, “getting started” can usually be an ongoing and somewhat “progressive" process. 

In other words, your “fed up” right now might be revealed as mere “dabbling” a year from now, when you really start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once the “sick and tired” phase really kicks in, and it may “kick in” in phases, then the real progress begins.


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Revealing Conversations

Ready, set, eliminate!

I recently spoke with single woman who started the 8 Steps, was super 'gung ho' at the beginning, but kept a couple of credit cards that she wasn’t ready to cut up just yet (insert eye roll). 

She had a great income, well into the six figures, but had zero discipline when it came to her finances. 

And, even though she was working Step 3 (paying all off all her debts from smallest to largest), she discovered that she was maxing out these cards and having to start all over again.


Finally Fed Up

So, she finally had her “eureka moment” and allowed herself to realize that she wasn’t yet as fed up as she thought she was.

She just had to reach that final phase of, “okay, I’m not REALLY serious about this yet”. 

And once she cut up those last two cards and swore off debt for good she was really cooking with gasoline.

That’s just an example of how getting started can be a prolonged process, really.


What About You?

The important thing is to recognize where you are, assess how much debt you have, commit to getting on a budget (which you WILL be horrible at for about 90 days), and getting that starter $1000 emergency fund together.

If you’re having trouble with strategy, motivation or even “how to”, that’s when being in a “Zero Debt Academy” class or having access to a coach can come in handy. 

The outside perspective on where you are and how to tackle the next steps can really be helpful in pushing you to that next phase.

So what’s keeping you from getting started? If you’ve started, what’s keeping you from completing the next step.

As always, we’re here to help you either get started, get unstuck, carry on or celebrate debt freedom!


Get Out Of Debt 

Here are some great resources to help you get started and stay started.


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Take Action And Don’t Quit

I want to implore you to take action and to continue taking action.

And part of that may be getting help and/or accountability when you need it. That’s what having access to a coach and to a community is all about.

Here are some resources to encourage you toward that: 

What Is Financial (Or Money)  Coaching

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$43K Paid Off!

The Incomparable Feeling Of Being Debt Free


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Let’s do this! Here's the "8 Steps" resource in much more granular detail.


The 8 Steps To Obliterate Your Debt

This is the blog post that outlines the 8 steps I followed to eliminated $43,000 in debt in 2.5 years.
And whether this is your first or thousandth time on the blog, I want to make sure you have this “8 Steps” framework that ALL of our content is centered around. 
These are the steps I personally followed to obliterate $43,000+ of debt in 2.5 years
Maybe your number is bigger, maybe it’s smaller. Either way the principles are the same and I want you to have them.
0. Stop All Retirement Investing (Until Step 4)
2. Starter Emergency Fund of $1000
3. Eliminate Debts Smallest To Largest (a.k.a The Debt Snowball)
4. Full Emergency Fund of 3-6+ Months’ Expenses
5. Invest A Minimum of 15% Income Into Retirement Accounts (and increase savings rate to 50%+ if possible)
6. College Funding (if applicable)
7. Pay Off The Home Mortgage
8. Build Wealth, Serve, Be Ridiculously Generous And Go FI (Financial Independence)!
I’ve created a simple, easy to follow guide that you can use as your foundation as you navigate the absolute annihilation of your debt forever.

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When You Need More Help

And again, if you’re looking for some resources to get started, you can download our free budgeting forms. Also, if you’re in a place where you’re ready to kick your debt in the teeth, here's the link to our free “8 Steps To Erase Debt” guide for you to use as your foundation.
To your freedom,
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