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Debt Elimination: Don't Ride The Surface, Dig In And Go Deep

It's never surprising for someone to tell you to "go deep" when you're trying to do something hard like run a marathon or get out of debt.

But it may be surprising when they tell you the deeper "why" behind their suggestion.

Going deep in debt elimination is a given. Everyone knows you have to dig deep into your character in order to cross the finish line.

But, the reason I'm suggesting that you "go deep" is really more about your choice of tools and resources and how those might change as you move through the process.


Digging deep early on will help you decide:

1) if you're using the right resources,

2) if you need some additional tools/resources your current ones aren't providing or

3) whether you need to jettison what you're using for something different altogether.


So "digging in" in this instance is all about speeding up your time to success. 

As I often say, I'm on a mission to reduce the number of people who live paycheck to paycheck, one person, one couple, one business at a time.


Where You Might Be Right Now

The type of shovel matters, so pick one and go deep. You might have to switch it out later, but at least you've started.


So, you’ve likely been doing research on the best way to get out of debt.

You’ve scoured Google, Pinterest and YouTube and now you’re ready to go!

I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement and some helpful insights from about a decade of coaching my peeps/tribe/clients/subscribers out of debt.

Whichever solution you’ve found from all your scouring of the inter webs, dig into that solution and go deep with it. In other words, I’m encouraging you to not “hang out” the surface or “dabble".

Whether it’s working with someone’s online course, an online community, actual coach or a combination of all three (recommended), make sure to commit and go for it. 

I promise you’ll see the best results by doing it that way.