What You'll Learn:

The exact strategies and processes my wife and I use to every year to review our finances and plan for the coming year.

Financial Health Check-Up

Assess your current financial health and determine exactly what you need to do next.

Financial Organization Blueprint

Learn how to organize your finances to set up the coming year to be the best one you've had yet.

Financial Optimization Roadmap

Next-level your current money-management and learn how to maximize your earnings, savings and investments.

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Join me for this FREE online workshop and learn:

The exact set of strategies that got my wife and me out of $174,000 in debt to well over $700,000 in net worth all in under 10 years and how every year is now our "best year yet"!

  • How to assess the past year to help build a plan for the new one.
  • How to set specific, realistic and achievable goals for the new year.
  • Why "why" is the most important question as you move into the new year.
  • How to organize your finances like they've never been organized before.
  • How to make sure you're actually budgeting and how to lay out a proper one (cash flow plan).
  • How to achieve 100% expense tracking accuracy without breaking a sweat or going insane.
  • How to "bulletproof" your budgeting efforts using the 72-hour rule and other strategies.
  • What are the emerging economic trends for the coming year and how to navigate them.
  • How to get out of debt the systematic way.
  • How to invest (why, when and how).
  • How to ensure you 10x results by getting in the right kind of community.
  • What the "success path" from zero debt to financial independence really looks like.
  • And much, much more...

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