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Destroy Your Debt Without All The Crazy Overwhelm

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"8 Steps To Erase Debt"

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These are the exact 8 steps I used to pay off $43k in 2.5 years.

If I can do it, so can you. Let me show you how...

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You'll Learn How To:

Bullet-Proof Your Budget

You'll discover the key "must have" components of a bullet-proof budget (skip one of these and it doesn't work)

Obliterate Your Debt

With 8 simple steps, you'll confidently erase your debt faster (and learn the #1 reason people don't succeed)

Accelerate To Financial Independence

With debt gone, you'll use these new skills to forge a clear path to financial independence (FI)

Let's get you out of debt without all the crazy overwhelm!


In this free guide, I'll teach you:


  • How to budget in a way that will eliminate your financial worries for good
  • The best and fastest way to get out of debt and live a better, more free life
  • How you can transition from worrying about money to having a strong sense of confidence about how you manage it
  • The exact tools and techniques I used to eliminate my own debt that are now catapulting me to financial independence (FI)
  • How to automate your finances so you can get out of debt and actually enjoy your life again


Teaching budgeting, debt elimination and financial independence is what I do. Personal Finance is my thing. I've helped thousands of people over the past decade and with this exclusive free "8 Steps" resource, I want to show you exactly how I do it!

These are the 8 steps I used to eliminate $43,000 in debt in 2.5 years. 

You can do it! I can help.

Hey there!

We're Brad & Angelica Long.

We are Ramsey Master Certified Financial Coaches and Certified Life Coaches with over a decade of leading thousands toward crushing their financial goals.

We're currently on a mission to help 10,000 people gain control of their money, address debt and move on to financial independence using tools like financial organization, budgeting, frugality and starting online businesses. 

Want to be one of the 10,000?

Yes I do!

Weekly Financial Coaching

Check back for fresh FREE weekly personal finance coaching tips aimed at: helping you learn how organize your finances, conquer budgeting, eliminate debt and map out your route to financial independence (FI).

"My husband and I were making a good living, yet had no savings to speak of and were living completely paycheck to paycheck. Thank God we found Brad! We have now, after 6 months, paid off over $10,000 in debt, including completely paying one of our vehicles off. We are on track to pay off $25,000 within the year! Without Brad's help, we would have never figured all of this out and gotten back on track. Brad is caring, compassionate, and tough when we need it! He checks in with us regularly and celebrates our successes right along with us! He was and is an answered prayer and we are so grateful!"

Mike & Mandy D.
Husband/Wife, Dad/Mom, Debt Slayers

"Serenade Heights is so grateful for Brad Long, the Zero Debt Coach, and his support and encouragement to the families in our ministry! We needed a financial “coach” to help our moms get back on the right track financially and Brad filled that need! He was highly recommended to us by his peers and we have seen our resident single moms really embrace his program and suggestions. I highly recommend his blog and his financial wisdom that comes from his own personal experiences!"

Nancy T.
Founder and President at Serenade Heights

"What I have appreciated most about Brad (besides his knowledge on the subject) is the way he has dedicated time to me. He gave me lots of time when we met face to face and is always quick to respond to emails to help me out with the details. I was never left wondering what to do next. I have greatly benefited from his time and knowledge and I know that you will too."

Doug F.
Husband, Father, Debt Eliminator

"The debt elimination process can be confusing and overwhelming. Brad will guide you by asking questions and setting a foundation that you probably aren’t even thinking about. That level of perspective is a hugely valuable resource and well worth the investment."

Bill C.
Husband, Father, Entrepreneur

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